ℓєt ๓є รєє ץ๏ย ş ł ř ï þ þ ë đ


" lєт мє sєє γoυ sтяίρρєđ.

                                      đoωи тo тнє вoиє.

lєт мє нєαя γoυ sρєαӄίиġ 

                                         jυsт foя м є. “ 

Lights all around, flicking and trilling to the beat that blared all across that grand floor. Glitter filled every inch of the once polished tile, giving it the illuminating sparkle that only the tiny specks could muster. The place that held entertainment in every corner of the facility, ranging from a peep show or two, right down to the stage where only the best could appear and prove why they were assigned to high rollers.

Where was this? Why a strip club of course! Where else would such forbidden entertainment exist? Where ladies are willing to dance amongst the cold metal of a pole as the little clothing began to peel away. Where those bills of one, fives, twenties, sometimes even fifties and hundreds where tossed at the performer. The more skin that was shown, the higher the pay.

Let’s not forget that ladies need some entertainment as well! Hence why men got a chance to show off those bodies that glistened underneath the harsh lights, showing off as much muscle and flawless skin that left woman ( and some men ) swooning and crying out for more.

And this is where a certain brunette came into the dazzling picture. As if the whole place had been waiting for just this moment, it was silent. No one dared to make a sound, not even an announcement was needed for the patrons of Sweet Temptation Strip Club to know about the next show. The lights grew dim, the beats crawled along the speaker, whispering out the opening tune of accommodation for the dance while a silhouette waited patiently for their cue.

One, harsh drumbeat was enough for a spotlight of the softest hue of purple to flick one and focus primarily on the slim leg that slowly peeked out from behind a velvet curtain. Once the kick drum began it’s continuous sound throughout the expanse of the open area were those curtains pushed open to reveal the one who hid behind it. And might it be mentioned that the simple action brought an uproar with the visitors that now crowded around that quickly lighting floor? 

While a few of the male strippers were proud to dance in attires they were used to that were only mere suits or a cosplay of sorts [ i.e. sailor suits, firemen, the norm ], if one had the proper frame and erotic feature that was needed in order to fool the eyes that watched them move..they would slip into the more feminine attire. And this is where Yosuke now stood, seeing as the lean body with just the right amount of muscle was the perfect fit to leave the horn dogs and soaking women craving and itching for his return to satiate their lust. 

The outfit had been simple enough: A plaid mini skirt with a tad bit of a heightened hem in the back to reveal the lacy panties that would peek out. The chosen top was that of nothing but mesh, seeing as that would suffice to compliment the skirt and the fishnet stockings accordingly. Leather boots that snugged around those legs didn’t stop until they came across the knee, their intention to tease the onlookers of course! Black nail polish adorned those fingernails before the make up had been carefully applied. The darkest shade of onyx now concealed those plush tiers before coming up to the lids that were closed at the moment to reveal the shades of boldest red and strongest blue. Don’t forget the eyeliner that was drawn around those very edges of those eyes for the dramatic effect, extensions of purple, green, and teal now wrapped around those short locks of auburn. 

Now it was time for the real show to begin, those heels clicking against the colorful tiled glass, each step matching the beat of the song whilst adding that effect of temptation. A sway of those hips accompanied the walk before the boy stopped in front of that shiny metal, glancing about playfully before tossing a kiss to the first person those eyes laid upon. As the lyrics soon overtook the music, one leg began the ritual of wrapping around the steel before allowing himself to spin around slowly, not hesitating in pressing that revealing spin against the pole as he slid towards the floor calmly. As soon as that rear was mere inches away, did the teen swiftly slide back up, assuring that there was an arch of that back, keeping each movement in sync with the song. The faster the music went, the faster his body teased that stripper pole, now grinding against it with the cheers of the people who wouldn’t dare leave their seats, waving those bills up in the air for the boy to claim. 

But alas, it was around the time that the attire needed to start peeling away. Starting with that shirt, and with a quick tug did it come apart, Yosuke being careless and tossing it to a random face as the dance continued, wrapping both legs to now aid in pushing up along that pole; before having those hands let go and allow the Magician to dangle upside down. A minute or so and he was sliding down it bit by bit before it soon morphed into him twirling all the way towards the floor. That money wasn’t going to catch itself, now crawling along the glitter flood underneath those hands on knees, portraying the image of a cat coming for it’s prey. One five dollar bill was even taken away with those pearly whites, tucking it away neatly along the undergarment before rising to those feet of his. Off with the skirt, now flying out into the crowd for someone to enjoy and savor the luxury of going home with a piece of clothing worn by him. A sway of those hips, a grind here and there, and the song was near the end of its run. 

Couldn’t end without a grand finale~! To which the boy smirked and soon walked away from his position in the middle of the room and towards those curtains once more. Once Yosuke was sure that the money that he obtained was safely secured against the elastic of those stockings that were never once removed, a playful smirk was all that was needed to indicate his last stunt for the night before it was off to lap dances and sweet nothings. A single index finger ran down along that chest before it continued on along his side until it stopped just at one of the bow ties that held the undergarment in it’s place to keep the goods concealed..but tonight he was feeling a little on the risky side. 

And on that last note, did the small pressure of that digit and quick tug of that string did the panty come undone. Slipping away from that now exposed hip did it reveal the plump ass for all to devour, the finger from his other appendage now mirroring the previous action before tugging off the thing material..and tossing it out to one of the many men that obviously was desperate for it. A quick slap of that skin and the show was over, now the bare body being consumed by the obscurity of the lights flickering off once again. 

That would surely leave everyone wanting more. 

Good thing they never saw the front..but that would be for another time. ♥

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